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A bridge between

human’s physical form

and its inmost self.

The whole Wot Batu raises the immense question of the role of spirit in the unending flow of matter. Sunaryo calls it a bridge. Let humans find a bridge between the two.

The Jakarta Post

As we enter Wot Batu, we are not going to see works of art, we are entering them….There we meet not only stones, wind, and water, but the gentle presence of Sunaryo himself and, if we can completely slow down, our own inner self."

Tony Godfrey / (Curator & Art Writer)

About Wot Batu

Wot Batu is full-scale installations in an open space created by Sunaryo, an artist from Bandung. It is composed of more than 135 stones laid out conceptually in harmony. These stones were brought from the mountains in Java as mediums of a timeless masterpiece. Every carving, inlay and fragment becomes a note on a civilization–a legacy from the 21st century for future generations.

In ancient Javanese, wot means bridge. Sunaryo created Wot Batu as “a spiritual bridge”– an equilibrium between the human soul and the physical form of life; a link between the four elements of nature. Wot Batu also becomes a configuration of energy–comes from Sunaryo’s spiritual and transcendental journey, embodies an awareness of human existence in a boundless natural dimension.


About Sunaryo

Born in Banyumas, 1943.
Since 1962 — until now.

Sunaryo received his initial study in sculpture art at ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) and graduated in 1969. In 1975, he went to Carrara, Italy to study marble sculpting. As an accomplished artist, Sunaryo is known for his monumental sculptures, such as the West Java Struggle Monument (MONPERA) in Bandung and the General Sudirman Statue in Jakarta. His most recent monumental work is Bilah Nusantara, a cauldron for the 2018 Asian Games, placed in front of the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium. Apart from his sculptures, he is known for his paintings, installations and prints. Five of his prints were included in The Contemporary Prints of the World (1989) alongside internationally renowned artists like Joan Miro and Paul Klee.

Stories #inWotBatu

Stories #inWotBatu

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