Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Wot Batu?

Wot Batu is full-scale art installations in an open space, composed of more than 135 stones laid out in harmony–a masterpiece by the artist Sunaryo.

2. Is Wot Batu still open during the pandemic?

Yes, you can still visit us, we are open on Tuesdays–Sundays, with two visiting sessions:

Session 1: 10 am tp 1 pm (last entry: 12.30 pm)

Session 2: 2 to 5 pm (last entry: 4.30 pm)

We’re closed on Mondays and national holidays.

3. Do you have any visiting restrictions?

Unfortunately, yes. Due to our capacity limit in the area, please be advised that:

  1. For a group of visitors larger than 6 people, you must reserve your ticket from our Ticket Reservation website at least D-1 from your visit time. Children and babies are counted in the limit.
  2. Our visiting quota is 50 visitors at a time. So, if we have reached this quota, we’d have to ask you to wait until the other visitors end their visit.
  3. Visitors are suggested to wear a mask, wash their hands, and be temperature-checked.
4. Today is not Monday and not a national holiday, so why is Wot Batu closed?

Sometimes, we are booked for private events or we have in-house programs with limited participants, so we have to close. If this happens, we always announce it on our Instagram account and Google Business profile.

5. Why is Wot Batu closed on Eid/Christmas/New Year’s holidays?

Obviously, because our employees need holidays, too. Also the place and the installations need routine maintenance.

6. How much does the entrance ticket cost?

Entrance fee for regular visitor is Rp50.000/person.

We do have special prices for some visitors:

  • Children 6-11 years old is Rp 25.000/person
  • Children <6 years old FREE OF CHARGE
  • Seniors >65 years old FREE OF CHARGE
7. Do I need a reservation to visit?

Unless you come with a group larger than 6 people or want to hold a certain event, feel free to come without reservation.

8. I don’t want to risk of not granted entry due to visiting quota, what should I do?

The only thing you can do to ensure entrance is to reserve your ticket from our Ticket Reservation website.

9. What is the best time to enjoy Wot Batu?

This is a bit tricky to answer. We always advise visitors to come on weekdays (Tuesdays to Fridays) as less visitors come at these times.

Should you only be able to visit Wot Batu on weekends, please be informed that Session 2 is always the busiest. However, if the weather permits, 3 to 4 pm is the perfect time to see Sunaryo’s masterpiece bathed in natural light.

10. I want to know more about the installations, do you have a guided tour schedule?

Definitely, yes. We have 4 scheduled tour sessions every day: 11 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, and 4 pm. If you miss it, or you’re still curious about Sunaryo’s masterpieces in Wot Batu, feel free to contact our Guides on location.

11. Is this a paid tour session?

No, this tour is a free service for all interested visitors.

12. Is this a pet-friendly place?

For this, we must apologize. At this time you are not allowed to bring pets to Wot Batu.

13. Can I take my children along to Wot Batu?

Why not? However, most of the stones are not allowed to be stepped or climbed and some surfaces are slippery after the rain, so all children under 12 years old need to remain under adult supervision.

Also, if you bring your babies with you, please ensure that they are dress comfortably to the weather. Some days can be chilly and windy, while on the others the sun shines so bright in Wot Batu.

14. How about a baby stroller? Can I bring it to Wot Batu?

Actually, a baby carrier is more suitable to bring to Wot Batu since most of our surfaces are rocky. We obviously don’t want them to break your baby stroller. But if you’re fine with the said condition, then feel free to bring it.

15. Do you have a nursing room?

We haven’t had a nursing room yet, but if you need one, feel free to ask our staff for assistance. We’re always happy to help.

16. Do you take cash?

We strongly advise you to use cashless payment methods. But, if you only have cash, please pay in the exact amount.

17. What kind of cashless payment methods do you use?

You can use a debit or credit card, as well as e-wallets. We use QRIS, so you can use almost all e-wallet platforms.

Photography and Videography
1. May I take photos and videos during my visit?

You may take photos and videos for personal, non-commercial use, using phone cameras only.

Tripods, drones, artificial lights, and other professional camera equipment are also prohibited.

2. Does that mean I can’t use my DSLR cameras?

Yes, you are not allowed to use DSLR cameras.

3. How about analog cameras? Mirrorless cameras? Action cams? Polaroid? Instax?

Unfortunately, no.

3. I want to make my photos/videos in Wot Batu as my social media contents. May I do that?

Well, as long it’s still using phone cameras and not for commercial uses, we don’t mind.

But, please consider other visitors’ convenience when creating your contents. That includes not getting in other visitors’ way as they enjoy the artworks or playing background music for your video too loud.

If you want to do full coverage for an article/blog/television program/Youtube channel/any other media, please fill out our Coverage Form and contact us through

4. I want to have a photoshoot session in Wot Batu. Is it possible?

Yes, it is. We actually have assembled photo session packages for these purposes. You can have a photoshoot for pre-wedding and commercial products, while for other purposes like family, maternity, school class, etc., you can use our group photo package.

Please check the “Sesi Foto” highlight on our Instagram profile. If you have more questions or want to book a date, contact us through

5. I want to do my pre-wedding photoshoot in Wot Batu. Can I do that?

Please refer to the question before this.

Food and Beverages
1. Do you have a restaurant or café?

Currently, we do not provide restaurant facilities within the Wot Batu area. However, in the Bale Batu area, you can order snacks, tea, coffee, and other drinks.

If you want to eat a full menu, we recommend you to visit Kopi Selasar Sunaryo, which is about 130 meters to the north of Wot Batu.

2. What is that bright red beverage you serve as welcome drink? Is that red wine?

Every Wot Batu ticket is inclusive of a free glass of Indriya Welcome Drink, which can be enjoyed in Bale Batu area. There you can also order a variety of light meals and beverages.

3. Can I smoke while enjoying the artworks in Wot Batu?

Please don’t. Just because Wot Batu is an outdoor space doesn’t mean you can light up everywhere. Please use our designated smoking area to ensure other visitors’ convenience, especially children.

Vaping devices and e-cigarettes are included in our definition of smoking, whereas our toilets are not counted as smoking areas.

Cultural Program and Collaboration
1. I want to do an art and/or culture themed activity. Can I collaborate with Wot Batu?

If the concept fits Wot Batu’s atmosphere, why not? Send your proposal to so we can look into it.

2. Can I throw a private event in Wot Batu? Or unrelated to arts & cultural event?

Wot Batu is open to use as a venue for varied activities and events, be it limited or open to the public. Of course, for activities and events that are matched to Wot Batu’s atmosphere.

3. Can I have a price list for the wedding package?

For weddings or engagements, we have a package called Semanda di Wot Batu. We need to first make sure the concept of the event is in accordance with the atmosphere and aesthetic concept of Wot Batu.

You can submit a proposal in advance, telling you why you chose Wot Batu, the concept of the event, technical requirements, and estimated time. If you can put it in a visual medium such as a mood board or sketch, even better. You can send everything to After that, this concept will be discussed between the prospective tenant and the management of Wot Batu.

Because it depends on the concept of the event, we do not have a standard price list.

4. How do I contact Wot Batu?

You can contact us via the following channels, according to the type of information you need: